Welcome back, for those who have listened to me try to make a half decent podcast over the last year I never went away I guess. But for those who only know me as a blogger, I hope its a happy return.

So, what grand plans can you expect from me during FM19? Well none really, nothing grand at least. From FM18 I got the most enjoyment and interaction by just telling my story and view on how things should be done. It is clear to anyone who has listened to the One More Game podcast that I do not know what I’m talking about all of the time. What I do know, however, is what works for me and what I like to read.

I treat my creating of content exactly like I do movies. I stick to what I know, if there’s an actor I enjoy then I will watch something they’re in rather than what’s winning Oscars. What I will aim to do is to make everything a better quality, more polished and hopefully a better experience for all.

I’ll tell you one thing, I’m excited about FM19. If they were to re-release 2018 again I would still be excited, purely because it’s been so long since I have played properly. The new features and added details though are only increasing my appetite for it. Even the look of it is something I think I’ll enjoy, but I’ll update that in 3-4 months of play.

Which save will I be doing I hear the few readers who made it this far cry! Well, in the most underwhelming save announcement of recent times, one that was broken on the latest episode of One More Game I will be returning to Colombia, going back to Cali, Re-coming to Americà.

During the few months I had in Cali in FM18 I fell in love with the setup, the league and I genuinely had the feeling I was going to succeed. The save was then lost and I wasn’t ready to start again. At that point I tried to be inventive with my Tony Pulis inspired series which I would love to have worked. The problem with setting a restriction in style of play, however, is what to do when it doesn’t work. I’ll be taking on elements of that save, particularly the recruitment, and implanting it into FM19.

During my FM18 introduction, I had grand plans of winning the Copa Libertadores with Americà and putting to an end their curse with South Americas biggest prize. That is still something I hope to achieve in the long run, but for starters, I just want to enjoy the game and still be doing that come mid next year. It’s been two editions of Football Manager now that I haven’t won a major trophy. Still just two lower league titles to my name I now want to have something to tell the grandkids in years to come.

I’ll be doing so without my talisman from last year Cristian Martínez Borja who has moved on from Cali. I will bring a more accurate preview of the team and situation at the club in the coming weeks once the beta access is open but I’ll aim to instil a few ideals throughout my tenure.

Most notably will be to play more attacking and fit a tactic to suit the players available. Last years attempt at defence first football was good and I love nothing more than a clean sheet but it’s dull at times. In the 2017 season, Americà were one of the leagues leading scorers so I will try to improve on that.

Secondly, I will aim to use the players I have and the youth system first. I toyed with the idea of a youth-only save but this is another strict rule which could kill my enjoyment if not handled right. I’ll aim to do it as much as possible, but not at a detriment to results.

Finally, I will look to play those in form and drop players who perform badly. I will not go the whole step towards #attributless but anyone who is rated highly will continue to play, while a player whose form dips will risk rotation with those on the fringes.


How did Americà perform in 2017?
It’s been a full 12 months since I last wrote about Americà but their actual 2017 season went similarly to mine in game. They ended the Torneo Apertura (the first league from Feb-May) in 7th and progressed to the knockout stages. Much like my side they weren’t able to win, losing in the Semi-Final to city rivals Deportivo. The second (Finalización) stage was a similar story, losing to eventual winners Millonarios in the Semi.

A decent performance in all and hopefully this will be reflected in the game. This all meant that they qualified for the Copa Sudamericana, South America’s second-tier continental competition. I look forward to balancing this extra commitment with the league and domestic cup.

That’s about all for now. Nothing of any serious note but thank you for stopping by. I love talking about FM, saves and other people’s expenses so please look me up if you want to take this further. I’m always on Slack or Twitter and there will be other updates from Colombia on the One More Game podcast.

I’m back, and so are Americà


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